Poseidon for DSLs 1.0 is released!

The name Poseidon has been connected to UML as well as to the attributes easy and intuitive to learn and excellent user interface. Now we are taking this to a whole new level. Based on our experience from 10 years of building graphical modeling tools, we have now created a platform that does not only allow us to build excellent UML tools, but virtually any graphical modeling tool.

You, the user, are now able to create your own specific modeling tool, based on the Poseidon platform. This allows you to create a Domain Specific Modeling Language or DSL, that perfectly matches your needs in modeling and code generation. With "Poseidon for DSLs" you can now create professional graphical modelling tool within hours.

This video tour is an example of a graphical editor created within only 1 hour!

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Poseidon for UML Community Edition 8.0

The new Poseidon is the fastest, most stable and most handsome to use UML tool we have ever shipped. It is built from scratch on a highly modern DSL platform: Poseidon for DSLs Try it now!


Check out recent testimonial on Poseidon 8.0

"Poseidon is fantastic. I am one of the contributors to the UML2 spec. I have been using object modeling tools since the early 1990s, and system modeling tools for the 10 years before that, while architecting component-based systems ..." read more

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