Ulrich F., HP, Böblingen, Germany

"I use Poseidon for UML in my daily work to create architectural documentation. Together with the UMLDoc plug-in Poseidon represents an optimal choice for centrally maintaining and sharing documentation. People that need only an overview can browse through the generated web-pages, engineers that infrequently need detailed access to the design can use the free Community Edition and for all others the Standard Edition is the right choice. With this mix the price/performance ratio is unbeatable. With basing the repository on XMI and incorporating the new UML 2.0 Diagram Interchange Poseidon will be groundbreaking."

John M., George James Software, Middlesex, UK

  Arnaud B., SYD, Nantes, France

"Poseidon makes UML accessible and relevant, and helps me to reap the rewards of modelling. Excellent product!"

"Poseidon is a really pleasant and complete tool which is not as usual limited to either C# or Java, ie MS' world or Sun's world, for an affordable price."

W., NASA, Greenbelt, USA

  Jörn G. S., TU Berlin, Germany

"Poseidon is one of the easiest to use. Thanks for developing such a useful tool!"

"Poseidon is striving for true UML compliance. This tool is the top of the market today."

Dr. Jan J., TU Munich, Germany

  Raja H., San Diego, USA

"Poseidon for UML is a great tool, not just for its use as a day-to-day UML modeling tool, but especially because of the extended functionality such as various code generators, and because of its import/export interfaces which allow the advanced user to perform further processing of the UML models."

"Congratulations! You have done it again, the GUI is amazing and very intuitive. I have not seen Java GUIs so nice and easy to use. I love the features where you can add an attribute/operation by pointing at a class diagram and a little yellow/red star appears, this is Genius! Also thank you for the making it easier to do aggregation/composition. Thanks again for all your efforts in making this product in its own class."

Zacharias B., Creativesun, Venice, USA

"Poseidon competes with the big boys and does it in an unobtrusive, affordable way by introducing a modular approach. With an entry level product that already competes with some of the expensive UML modelers, and a high-end configuration that definitely holds its own with the market leaders, Poseidon is rapidly winning me over as my tool of choice."

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