Working with the b+m EJB Plug-In

Note: The b+m EJB plug-in works only with Poseidon for UML version 2.x.

After the plug-in has been installed successfully, you get two more details tabs called

  • "b+m Generator FrameWork"
  • "b+m Generator Parameters"


In the "Parameters Tab" you have the possibility to create your own profiles. Each profile stores the following information:

  • GenFw-directory: Destination of the genfw.jar file(the main file of the generator)
  • Appfam-diretory: Destination of the meta.jar file(settings for your application family)
  • Source-directory: This is where files that contain the protected regions can be found
  • Output-directory: This is where the code is generated and saved
  • Batchmode: Run in batchmode or with graphical user interface

If you select "Batchmode", you can specify a component to generate. The generator output will be written to the text area beneath the "Generate-Button".

If "Batchmode" is not selected the generator starts with a graphical user interface. You can choose which elements you would like to generate.

You can choose the directory by clicking the choose-button or enter the directory directly in the specific data field. All directory inputs are checked on the fly whether it is the right directory or not. The result of this verification is shown right beneath the button.


In the "FrameWork Tab" you have the possibility to generate your code. You can choose one or more profiles, which should be generated by the FrameWork. Just click the "Generate" button and the generator starts to work.

Only the correctly entered profiles are shown in the listbox at the right bottom.


After starting the generator the output is shown in the text area (if not using the graphical user interface).

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