Common Changes in Version 3.0
  • New print preview dialog with multi-page preview and improved user interface
  • Java import/code generation stores the positions and contents of all file comments
  • Java import/code generation does not overwrite imported file header texts
  • Settings folder has been renamed from poseidon2 to .poseidon
  • New version of the HTML documentation editor
  • Association ends can have an initial value
  • Folder selection dialog shows all Windows drives
  • XMI ids contain only valid characters
  • Deleting a type does not delete instances any more, just resets the type
  • Adding dependent edges works for collaborations
  • 'Remove unused files' in code generation uses the language-specific path
  • Java constructors do not receive return javadoc tag
  • Search dialog shows the results

Professional Edition Changes
  • Roundtrip Engineering:
    • Roundtrip detects modified files while Poseidon was not running
    • Roundtrip detects modified files while Roundtrip was turned off
    • Roundtrip tries to keep the import statements unchanged
    • Conflict checking when both source and UML model have changed
    • Improved synchronization dialogs when conflicts occur
  • Eclipse Integration:
    • A new UML project to an Eclipse project can be created
    • An existing UML project can be imported into an existing (possibly empty) Eclipse project
    • The four Poseidon panes are separate views in Eclipse
    • Poseidon views are (by default) part of the Java or Resources perspective, or in a separate UML perspective
    • Poseidon copies classpath and sourcepath settings from Eclipse
    • The UML representation of a class/package can be selected in Poseidon
    • The source code to a UML class can be displayed in Eclipse
    • The roundtrip actions are in the UML menu in Eclipse
    • Data exchange is done with one click by triggering roundtrip
    • Properties panels re-layout when dragged to the sides
    • Java source preview is turned off, the documentation editor is replaced by simple version
  • C++ properties panel does not move to the front any more

Standard Edition Changes
  • UmlDoc shows stereotypes for all elements
  • UmlDoc generates detailed documentation for all elements of state diagrams
  • UmlDoc generates different pages for elements with the same name

Community Edition Changes
  • Full printing capabilities
  • Source import
  • Full saving capabilities
  • Full undo/redo
  • Copy to Windows clipboard
  • No more graphics export watermark
  • Printouts and graphics exports show the footer text 'not for commercial use'

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