UML Diagram Interchange

The Problem

UML is a modeling language for object-oriented software systems with a strong emphasis on a graphical representation. A mechanism for exchanging model information is included in the current UML standard. However, it only supports the definition of elements in a model, the graphical information how these elements are laid out and presented in diagrams is not included.

The Goal of this Project

The OMG has issued a Request for Proposal (document ad/2001-02-39) to solve this problem. In this project a response to this RFP is being developed and submitted to the OMG.

The goal of this submission is to enable a smooth and seamless exchange of UML models between different software tools. This certainly includes tools for developing UML models. But it includes also tools like code generators, word processing tools and desktop publishing tools. Also, special attention is given to the internet as medium for exchanging and presenting UML models.

The Consortium

This project is established in cooperation between Gentleware AG, DaimlerChrysler AG, Telelogic, Adaptive Ltd., University College London, and Hamburg University.

An Example

The following example is a class diagram which shows the structure of the diagram interchange metamodel. It is available as a zipped XMI file for download.


The material developed in this project is available for download.

  • Article Diagram Interchange <<UML 2002>> [PDF]
  • Example [ZIP file]


We are very open for comments and cooperation. If you have comments, please send an email to .


The above text and related documents were initially published in September 2003.

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