Common Changes in Version 3.0.1


  • Added Subsystem to usecase diagrams
  • Stereotypes <<initialize>> and <<create>> are automatically created for imported classes
  • Invalid classpaths are highlighted in Java/Jar import settings
  • Diagrams are aligned at top left position

Fixes for the following problems

  • Could not register online using jdk1.5
  • Interface name was duplicated when changing presentation mode
  • Fixed startup-problem when outdated fonts are installed on system
  • Last comment line of method body got lost in Java-Import
  • Browser settings were ignored in some cases
  • Javadocs of exceptions got lost in import
  • Button 'Scale complete diagram into panel' in diagram-proppanel did not work properly 



Community Edition Changes

Fix for the following problem

  • Code generation did not work in CE-Webstart because templates could not be found

Professional Edition Changes


  • Roundtrip Engineering:
    • Added a new 'Synchronize model and code'-button for more comfortable roundtripping
    • Code generation dialogs have been improved
  • Eclipse Integration:
    • Package explorer now gets updated automatically after code generation

Fixes for the following problems

  • Could not upgrade from Standard Edition 3.0 to Professional Edition 3.0 Concurrent
  • Eclipse Integration:
    • Could not start Poseidon in Eclipse because of modal infodialog
    • Umldoc from Eclipse did not generate diagram-images

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