Embedded Enterprise Edition

The Embedded Enterprise Edition (EmbEE) combines the collaborative features of the Enterprise Edition with the embedded system support of the Embedded Edition (EmbEd). The EmbEd User Guide Add-On is a supplement to the Poseidon User Guide and goes into specific detail about modelling embedded systems.

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The standard Poseidon User Guide contains most of the information about the Embedded Enterprise Edition interface - including instructions for creating and maintaining collaborations.

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Get started now with the Embedded Edition tutorial. The 33 page guide takes you step-by-step through a hypothetical hi-fi stereo system.

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By adding collaboration functionality to the Embedded Edition, the Embedded Edition has been integrated into the Embedded Enterprise Edition as of release 3.0.

If you are a user of an Embedded Edition 2.x and are looking for older documents or need support, please contact sales@gentleware.com.

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