Poseidon User Guide

The Poseidon User Guide is available in HTML for easy online navigation and reading.  This is the same User Guide that is included in every distribution of Poseidon for UML.

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For printing, the Poseidon User Guide is provided in PDF format. All navigation links are maintained, and the PDF format makes it easy to print only the pages you require.

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Additional Resources

The Poseidon User Guide isn't your only option to learn about Poseidon and UML.  In addition to perusing the text, you can:

  • Check the FAQ for questions similar to yours
  • Watch short online demonstrations that take you step by step through some of the Poseidon features
  • Communicate with other Poseidon users and the Gentleware developers on the forum
  • Read articles from the Gentleware development team
  • and much, much more.

New support sections are being added all of the time - keep watching for more viewlets, tutorials, articles, etc.

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