Poseidon SQL DDL Code Generation Plug-in Guide

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Modelling Element Rules


  • Uses the standard UML 'Class'.
  • Each class is considered as a table.


  • Describes the columns in table.
  • Each attribute can have stereotype which will be treated as column constraint.


  • Describe the relationship between tables.
  • Foreign key(s) will be automatically generated in table which has reference(s) to other table(s).

Tagged Values

The following tagged value keys are supported when the value is set with digit number within appropriate context, and the values will specifically describe the column data type:

Considered in the following order:

  • length
  • precision
  • scale

Additional Stereotypes

  • Stereotypes apply in attributes.
  • Stereotype for allowing NULL value is not included since it is the default behaviour of column.
    • NOT NULL
    • UNIQUE

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