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Apollo for Eclipse
Version 1.1 Released!
  Model-Driven Software Development

Apollo for Eclipse is a robust and flexible modeling extension to Eclipse for developers and programmers to dynamically create and edit models alongside code.

Fully synchronized roundtrip engineering for Java 5 and UML 2.1 provide insights into existing code, quality documentation and an exemplary means to draft and refine code.

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Use our know-how alongside our software for the optimization of your software development process. We'll gladly show you how you can acheive more quality for lower costs in the area of modeling.

We call that model to business.


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Poseidon for UML
Version 5.0 Released!
  Screenshots and Viewlets

Poseidon for UML is a powerful UML modeling tool for analysis, design and documentation in the software development process.

Its uniquely intuitive interface enables users to achieve higher productivity in a shorter timeframe. Now Version 5.0 is available to make modeling easier than ever.

  • Fully UML 2.0 compliant Deployment diagrams
  • More powerful navigation trees with drag and drop
  • Tree view in property panels for quicker access
  • And more!

Commercial users may now also take advantage of the Community Edition with the convenient and inexpensive Rent Subscription.

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Poseidon for UML

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Apollo for Eclipse

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About Gentleware

Gentleware AG is an established authority in modeling and provides its expertise to create business value from models. Gentleware’s products have reached millions of users worldwide and its services have advanced thousands of IT companies. The product line Poseidon for UML is specifically built for analysis and design in software development. The product line Apollo for Eclipse addresses the modeling needs of programmers and developers.

Gentleware’s services enable its clients to transpose concepts from model to business. Services include custom tools, training and coaching in modeling, model transformation, and code and documentation generation. At its core, Gentleware synthesizes leading edge open source with custom-built code to create value.

Started in 2000, the company is led by founder and CEO Dr. Marko Boger, who previously was the long-term driving strength behind the open source project ArgoUML. Gentleware is a contributor to the UML 2 and SysML standards of the OMG and is a member of the Eclipse Foundation.

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