Future Releases

    Beyond version 4.2

    • Improved model tree with drag and drop
    • UML 2.0 deployment diagram
    • improved rapid buttons

    Changes in Version 6.0

    Features in version 6.0 include:

    • Graphic import for elements and stereotypes
    • New UMLdoc interface with drag and drop
    • UMLdoc HTML preview
    • HotSpot bookmarking
    • Enhanced full-screen editing functions, particularly in sequence and state diagrams
    • Color gradients
    • And many more small adjustments
    • Bug fixes

    Changes in Version 5.0

    Features in version 5.0 include:

    • Fully UML 2.0 compliant Deployment diagrams
    • Manifest components in artifacts and deploy on nodes
    • Bug fixes
    • UI improvements:
      • New and enhanced navigation trees
      • New and enhanced property panels
      • New and enhanced rapid buttons
      • Show documentation in notes
      • Enhanced style handling
      • Enhanced navigation to elements and included diagrams

    Changes in Version 4.2

    Poseidon for UML 4.2 contains the following improvements:

    All Editions

    • fully UML 2.0 compliant component diagrams
      • delegating and assembly connectors
      • UML 2.0 compatible handling of provided and required interfaces
    • UI improvements
      • improved edge layout
        • automatic tree and rectangular layout
      • multiple representations of elements in the same diagram
      • full windows mode for views
      • preview for container resizing
      • detailed control of element visibility

    Premium Editions

    • UMLdoc improvements
      • full support for new component diagrams
      • zuml files includes external images
      • improved content configuration

    Changes in Version 4.0

    Poseidon for UML 4.0 contains the following improvements:

    All Editions

    • Fully compliant UML 2.0 Activity Diagram with intuitive user interface
    • Improved drag and drop in Sequence Diagram (now allows dragging of execution occurrences and asynchronous messages)
    • Hiding of return messages in Sequence Diagram via style panel (for diagram and individual message)

    Premium Editions

    • Roundtrip bug fixes

    Changes in Version 4.0.1

    Poseidon for UML 4.0.1 contains the following improvements:

    All Editions

    • diagram size is calculated correctly when node or edge adornments are moved (this also fixes same bug in printing and graphic export)

    Premium Editions

    • More Roundtrip Bug fixes
      • all dialog buttons can be pressed
    • C++ code generation now supports realization of interfaces

    Changes in Version 3.2.1

    Poseidon for UML 3.2.1 contains the following improvements:

    All Editions

    • Drag and drop improved in the sequence diagram
    • <<create>> message in the sequence diagram toolbar
    • Improved conversion of old sequence diagrams
    • Improved speed of the WYSIWYG html editor

    Changes in Version 3.2

    Poseidon for UML 3.2 contains the following new features:

    All Editions

    • Completely redesigned UML 2.0 compliant sequence diagrams
    • UML 2.0 diagrams with border and name compartment
    • Grouped toolbar button dropdown lists
    • Go to recent element and diagram
    • Quicksearch with autocompletion

    Premium Editions

    • UMLdoc for Word 2003 (SE)
    • Autolayout for class diagrams (SE, PE)

    Changes in Version 3.1

    Poseidon for UML 3.1 contains the following new features:

    All Editions

    • UML 2.0 compliant state-machines
      • Support for submachine states
      • Multiple diagrams per state machine
      • Concurrent states with more than 2 regions
      • Refactoring of states (submachine state <-> state <-> composite state <-> concurrent state)

    Premium Editions

    • Deep copy/cut/paste of diagrams and semantic model elements
    • Customizeable UMLdoc for HTML
      • Reordering of chapters for generated documentation
      • Optional generation of documentation for contained elements like attributes, operations, and diagrams
      • Documentation for activity and state diagrams

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