Apollo for Eclipse

In the next couple of weeks, Gentleware will be launching a brand new product, Apollo for Eclipse. Designed especially for programmers and developers, Apollo for Eclipse provides instant and synchronous access to code and the corresponding model.

Some features include:

  • Tight integration into the Eclipse IDE
  • Roundtrip Engineering
  • Support for Java 5
  • Support for UML 2.1

Base functionality will be available free of charge. Export options such as printing and saving will be available under a new licensing mechanism.


Gentleware is taking its cue from web services and offering licensing on a rental or subscription basis. You can choose to rent Apollo for Eclipse for a limited time or subscribe for automatic license renewal.

Rental/renewal periods are one month, one quarter, and one year. Prices begin at 5 EUR / 6 USD per month for a license rental, and are discounted based on the length of the rental/subscription and the volume of licenses.

New Look

You'll also find a new look to the Gentleware website. We're redesigning the site to make it easier for you to find exactly the information you need.

And More

For more information about all of the upcoming changes, we invite you to read a letter to our customers from our CEO and founder, Dr. Marko Boger.

Read the Letter

We welcome any questions or comments you have regarding these changes. Please direct your email to info@gentleware.com or give us a call. Contact details are available from the Gentleware website.

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