Testimonial on Poseidon for UML 8.0

Poseidon is fantastic.

I am one of the contributors to the UML2 spec.  I have been using object modeling tools since the early 1990s, and system modeling tools for the 10 years before that, while architecting component-based systems from business models in financial services. I have disliked using object tools for business analysis, because of the time required to use them, and their inflexibility.  

I needed a lightweight tool I could share even with business people, yet one also extensible to deep technical levels, providing support for model driven, service-component based implementation, and for extensions to domain specific languages.  I compared Poseidon with 13 other tools, and tried three, to see which of these would be easiest for business analysts to learn, and which could produce diagrams easily made self-explanatory, for distribution to readers having no knowledge of UML. 

Poseidon won hands down.  It was LIGHTING fast.  Using this tool is faster than drawing by hand.  (Heretofore, a tool made changes faster, but the initial entry was slower than a pencil).

Poseidon supports the important UML2 constructs such as nested state charts, which are still lacking in some tools, and treats use cases correctly, as classifiers with the relationships that should be enjoyed by these, such as inheritance and associations, while most other tools still treat use cases as second-class citizens. (For example, I can show and model the instances of a class as being created by a use case).

The fact that Poseidon internally uses the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) language, so it can be plugged into Eclipse when necessary, instead of requiring Eclipse for it to operate, makes it simple and foolproof for end-users to install and use, and fast to initialize and end sessions.  That is, Poseidon connects to Model Driven approaches at transformation time, rather than during business modeling time.

The Eclipse Foundation has engendered an incredible groundswell of creativity, meeting special model driven needs, such as those involving executable UML and executable business models, run-time service component integration and management. The Eclipse framework will make it possible for me to take advantage of these also, as I might need them.  So, in my immense enthusiasm for Poseidon, I also implicitly thank IBM as the founder of the Eclipse movement, and thank the contributors of the frameworks on the shoulders of which Poseidon and other innovations are being built.

William F. Frank

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