First Newsletter from Ludwigstraße!

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First (and possibly only) Internal Gentleware Newsletter

Dear Colleagues,

Your friendly neighborhood sales and marketing team is using you as a guinea pig for the Gentleware newsletter. While we want to see if we can successfully send this, we thought we could also take this chance to send you some mildly interesting and informative information.

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We Have a New Office!

No breadcrumbs or maps were distributed for this keen crew. Everyone successfully found their way to our new place of business, conveniently located just a block down the street at Ludwigstraße 12.

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Downloads Increase After Web Launch

As mentioned in the team meeting, downloads have increased by 15-20% since the launch of the new web site on April 5th.

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Colleagues Seek New Apartments

Both Beth and Tobias are looking for new digs. Do you know of someone moving? Have contacts with a rental agent? Help us find our new homes, please!

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Inspirational Moment

This is just silly.

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Best regards,

Marko Boger

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