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Packages that use Property

Uses of Property in org.omg.uml.diagraminterchange

Methods in org.omg.uml.diagraminterchange that return Property
 Property PropertyClass.createProperty()
          The default factory operation used to create an instance object.
 Property PropertyClass.createProperty(String key, String value)
          Creates an instance object having attributes initialized by the passed values.

Methods in org.omg.uml.diagraminterchange with parameters of type Property
 boolean ADiagramElementProperty.exists(DiagramElement diagramElement, Property property)
          Queries whether a link currently exists between a given pair of instance objects in the associations link set.
 boolean ADiagramElementProperty.add(DiagramElement diagramElement, Property property)
          Creates a link between the pair of instance objects in the associations link set.
 boolean ADiagramElementProperty.remove(DiagramElement diagramElement, Property property)
          Removes a link between a pair of instance objects in the current associations link set.