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Methods in that return ParameterDirectionKind
 ParameterDirectionKind Parameter.getKind()
          Returns the value of attribute kind.

Methods in with parameters of type ParameterDirectionKind
 void Parameter.setKind(ParameterDirectionKind newValue)
          Sets the value of kind attribute.
 Parameter ParameterClass.createParameter(String name, VisibilityKind visibility, boolean isSpecification, Expression defaultValue, ParameterDirectionKind kind)
          Creates an instance object having attributes initialized by the passed values.

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Classes in that implement ParameterDirectionKind
 class ParameterDirectionKindEnum
          ParameterDirectionKind enumeration class implementation.

Methods in that return ParameterDirectionKind
static ParameterDirectionKind ParameterDirectionKindEnum.forName(String name)
          Translates literal name to correspondent enumeration value.