Apollo for Eclipse

User Guide

Table of Contents

1. About Gentleware and Apollo for Eclipse
About Gentleware and Apollo for Eclipse
Features in Version 3.x
About This Document
2. Installation and First Start
Installing the Rich Client Platform
Installing as an Eclipse Extension
Install Eclipse Components through Update Services
Eclipse Europa
Install Eclipse Components Manually
3. Keys and Registration
Types and Terminology
License Manager
License Manager Help
Licensing Apollo for Eclipse
4. Getting Started
Diagrams in Apollo for Eclipse
Canonical Package Diagrams
Non-Canonical Class Diagrams
Models in Apollo for Eclipse
Model File Storage
Create a First Project
5. Working with Apollo for Eclipse
The Diagrams
Display Canonical Package Diagram
Create Non-Canonical Class Diagram
Adding and Removing Elements
Rapid Buttons
Editing Elements
Associations and Multi-Valued Attributes
Referenced Packages
Open the Source Code in a Diagram Editor
View the Source Code in the Diagram View
Linking Views and Editors
Create Java Source Code from the Diagram
Reverse Engineer .jar Files
A. Glossary
B. Hypersonic SQL Group Database Engine License Agreement

List of Tables

2.1. Minimum Eclipse features required for Apollo for Eclipse