Chapter 1. About Gentleware and Apollo for Eclipse

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About Gentleware and Apollo for Eclipse
Features in Version 3.x
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About Gentleware and Apollo for Eclipse


We are always very happy to get feedback on our tools and services. If you want to contact us, there are several ways to get in touch.


The easiest way to contact us is via the web form. We offer addresses for different purposes.

General information, feature requests, or suggestions:

Customer support (for license holders*):

Please keep in mind that our customer support is available during our normal working hours - Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm Central European Time. Consider checking the forums and the FAQ to answer your question first.

Questions on purchase process, quotes, or volume sales:

* Unlicensed edition users are encouraged to use our forum for support questions.

Web Site

For general discussion we have installed an open forum in which users of Apollo for Eclipse can freely discuss topics related to our tools. Typically these are questions on how to do something, discussions on what other features would be nice, or comments on what people like or dislike about our tool. Our staff is actively taking part in these discussions, but you might also get a response from other users.

To order our products you can use the online shop, which requires a credit card. If you do not have a credit card or you hesitate to use it over the web, send us an email at


Our preferred payment method is credit card. However, if you do not have a credit card or you hesitate to use it over the web, you can also send a fax, send email to or call us.

There is a fax order sheet provided on our web site. Begin the order process as usual, then select 'Order by Fax' at the bottom of the Checkout page. Our fax number is +49 40 2442 5331.

Please try to find an answer to your question on our web pages or the FAQ list.

Regular Mail

To send us mail or to visit us in person, our address is:

Gentleware AG
                        Ludwigstraße 12
20357 Hamburg