Chapter 3. Keys and Registration

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Types and Terminology
License Manager
License Manager Help
Licensing Apollo for Eclipse

Apollo for Eclipse licenses are based on a web services model where licenses are rented rather than purchased. Rather than purchase a license for a single user for indefinite use, the web services model 'rents' licenses either on a recurring subscription basis or for a single time period. The advantage is greater flexibility to deploy Apollo for Eclipse on an as-needed basis at a lower cost. Users who need the export options of Apollo for Eclipse on a regular basis will find the annual subscription to be the most practical solution. A contract programmer who will only be around for a short time can rent a license for a single one-month period.

Unlicensed copies of Apollo for Eclipse can be used as cost-free model 'readers' and can also be used to glean insight into code through the forward, reverse, and roundtrip engineering features. A license is required for export features like printing and saving.

Types and Terminology

Serial Number - The Serial Number is a unique identifier that is used to generate the registration data to register the user with a specific copy of the software. The Serial Number must be registered to receive the License Key.

License Key - These keys are made available after the registration data has been received by Gentleware. Once a License Key is in place, the registration process is complete. These keys need no further attention, unless the copy is moved to another machine.

One-Period Rental - Licenses which have been rented for one period are valid until their expiration date. After the expiration date, export functions are no longer available in Apollo for Eclipse. These licenses are non-renewable; in order to use the export functions again, another license must be rented and the registration process repeated.

Rent Subscription - Licenses from a rent subscription are renewed automatically according to the terms of the rent subscription, e.g. for one year, one quarter, or one month. The renewals continue until the subscription is cancelled.