Licensing Apollo for Eclipse

In order to activate the export features of Apollo for Eclipse, a license must be rented from the Gentleware web shop. After the rental order has been processed, an email with a serial number is sent to you.

  1. Open the license manager from the Apollo menu on the main toolbar.

  2. Paste the serial number into the license manager and click 'Add Key'.

  3. Click on the name of the serial number (it will appear highlighted when selected), then click 'Register'.

  4. Enter your registration information. If you have an active internet connection, click 'Finish' and skip the rest of these instructions. You are now ready to work with Apollo for Eclipse.

    If you are offline, click 'Next'.

  5. Select 'Web Registration'. Copy the Registration Data to the clipboard, then click 'Finish'.

  6. Open a web browser on a computer that is online and point it to Paste the Registration Data into the Registration page of the Gentleware website and click 'Get License Key'.

  7. Copy the resulting license key from the web site, paste it into the license manager, and click 'Add Key'.

    After the key has been added, it will display as a valid key in the license manager. You are now ready to work with Apollo for Eclipse.