Importing Files

Poseidon for UML Professional and Embedded editions provide a convenient dialog to assist with the importation of source code. Select 'Import files' from the file menu, navigate to the desired file, and click the 'Open' button.

The 'Settings' button will open the settings dialog. Import options, such as adding a classpath, are available from the Project tab under 'Import'. More information about this tab is contained in the section the Section called Import in Chapter 7.

Should the import fail because needed files have not been located, an error dialog will appear. If you would like to continue without adding to the classpath and create dummy classes instead, click 'Yes'. To return to the previous dialog and add the necessary files to the classpath, click 'No'.

Once the import has begun, a dialog will appear asking if you would like to generate diagrams. A tree of the project is also presented, so that you can choose which packages and classes you would like to include in the diagrams. By default, any packages that contain new classes are automatically selected.