Standard Edition

The Standard Edition is the extendable base tool for the professional. It comes with all features of the Community Edition plus productivity features like printing, drag-and-drop to the Windows clipboard (copy diagrams to Word or Powerpoint), and full zoom. Through a plug-in mechanism you can pick and choose from a growing set of plug-ins that allow you to further extend its functionality. Additionally, we provide e-mail support for this edition.

UMLdoc, the HTML documentation generator, allows you to export your models to an HTML format an share it with others over the web or intranet. The outcome is similar to Javadoc, but includes all the information of a UML model including the diagrams; thus, we named it UMLdoc.

Poseidon for UML is constructed in a highly modular way so that additional features can be purchased from our technology partners and added to Poseidon by introducing new modules as plug-ins. The Standard Edition allows you to load (and unload) plug-ins at runtime. This functionality turns Poseidon for UML into a highly flexible and extensible platform of UML tools. The Standard Edition is the foundation for this.

The Standard Edition has some of the following additional features over the Community Edition: