Chapter 4. A Short Tour of Poseidon for UML

Table of Contents
Opening the Default Example
Introducing the Work Area
Modify Elements

This chapter introduces all basic concepts of Poseidon for UML by guiding you through an example project. On our tour, we will touch most features and a great variety of UML elements. However, this is not intended as a UML reference guide; thus, it will not explain all of the details of the modeling process. It will gradually teach you what you can do with Poseidon for UML and how you can use it for your own purposes.

Opening the Default Example

Let us start our tour through Poseidon for UML. The product is distributed with an example project, which we will be looking at during the guided tour. If you want to follow the tour on your own computer (highly recommended), do the following:

This example is based on a car rental scenario in which a company wants a web store and needs to model its business processes and create a corresponding software system. This is a typical situation for the usage of a CASE tool, but UML as well as Poseidon for UML are not restricted to this kind of application design. As a general tool, Poseidon for UML can be used to model any kind of object-oriented software system, as well as a system that has nothing to do with software at all, such as a business-workflow system.