1. Mappings

1.1. UML Package

  • All directly contained classes will also be converted.

  • A package with stereotype <<ecoremodel>> will be converted to an EPackage.

  • Tagged values nsURI and nsPrefix are required. They will be transfered to the EPackage, e.g.:

    nsURI        http://www.mysite.org/myMetaModel
    nsPrefix     myMetaModel

1.2. UML Class

  • Attributes must have primitive types. Model other attributes as associations.

  • All attributes and associations are converted.

  • Stereotype <<enumeration>> will be converted to EEnum.

    • All attributes of an <<enumeration>> class are converted to EEnumerationLiterals with the same name.

  • Stereotype <<metaclass>> will be converted to the Ecore element with the same name.

1.3. UML Attributes

  • Primitive types are converted to corresponding Ecore datatypes.

  • The object versions of primitive types are converted to Ecore object datatypes, e.g. Long is converted to ELongObject.

1.4. UML AssociationEnds

  • Will be converted to corresponding EReferences with the same name.

  • Composite ends will result in a containment EReference.

  • If an AssociationEnd is non-navigable, no EReference will be created.

  • The multiplicity is converted accordingly.