1. Community Edition

The Community Edition is the base version. Offered for free, it is the zero-barrier entry to the world of UML for the individual software developer as well as for large organizations. It makes learning and using UML a snap and enables the cost-effective exchange of models.

It is fully usable for modeling UML, and you may use it for any non-commercial purpose, particularly for educational uses. It contains all UML diagrams and all implemented diagram elements. You can create, save, and load projects, browse existing models, exchange models, generate Java code, export your diagrams to various formats and much more. You may freely distribute it, put it on local or Internet servers, and distribute it on CDs or DVDs. Gentleware does not provide support for the Community Edition.

Generally speaking, the Community Edition provides everything you need to learn and to use UML at a non-professional level. However, there are a few restrictions. Some of the features that are available in the commercial editions are not included in the free Edition. These features are nice to have to increase your productivity, but are not necessarily required to build UML models. Perhaps most important, the Community Edition does not support reverse or round-trip engineering, and it cannot load plug-ins. The other Editions meet the requirements of professional users.

The Community Edition has the following features: