3. Professional Edition

The Professional Edition is the prime version of Poseidon for UML. To meet the needs of the professional software developer, we have bundled the worlds most flexible code generation mechanism with a set of productivity features. This Edition includes round-trip engineering, JAR import, and HTML documentation generation.

One of the most valuable features of Poseidon for UML is its code generation technology, and the Professional Edition gives you full access to it. The code generation mechanism is based on a template technology, where the template defines the syntax of the outcome. This can be Java, C++, XML, HTML or what ever else you want it to be. The information from the model, like the names of classes and methods, are provided by Poseidon for UML. This Edition gives you access to the API and to the templates. As a developer you can edit and change these templates, even at runtime, and configure the outcome of the code generation yourself.

Sophisticated round-trip engineering for Java allows you to read in existing Java code and generate a UML model for it or to continuously synchronize your code with the model. You can change the generated code or redesign the model and never lose consistency between the two. With JAR import functionality you can read in existing libraries and use these in your models.

The Professional Edition has the following features over the Standard Edition: