5. Edition Comparison

To give you a quick overview of the features in the different Editions, here is a table view of the available features:

Table 2.1. Edition Comparison

 Community EditionStandard EditionProfessional EditionEmbedded Edition
Simple Install with WebStart   
UML 2.0 Diagram Interchange
All 9 Diagram Types
Forward Engineering Java
XMI Supported
Platform Independent
Export as GIF, JPG, PNG, PS, EPS, SVG, WMF
OCL Support
Complete Cut and Copy
Clone Diagram
UMLdoc (HTML Export)
Reverse Engineering Java 
Plug-In Support 
Eclipse IDE Integration   
JAR Import  
MDL Import  
Changeable Code Templates  
C++ Generation  
ANSI C Generation   
C# Code Generation   
CORBA IDL Code Generation   
Delphi Code Generation   
Perl Code Generation   
PHP Code Generation   
SQL DDL Code Generation   
VB.net Code Generation   
Roundtrip Engineering Java   
Concurrent License Option  
GoVisual Autolayout Plug-In by Oreas ( )( )+ 
yWorks Autolayout Plug-In by yWorks ( )( )+( )+
AndroMDA Plug-In by M. Bohlen ( )( )+( )
Requirements Engineering Plug-In by oose.de ( )( )( )+
b+m EJB Plug-In by b+m Informatik AG ( Poseidon 2.x only )( Poseidon 2.x only )( Poseidon 2.x only )+


Included in this Edition

( )Not included in this Edition, can be purchased separately

+ Concurrent Licensing option available