5. Keys and Registration

To use Poseidon for UML you need a valid license key, which is a string of characters containing encrypted information. Obtaining this key is done through a simple registration process. Once you have the key, it is only a matter of pasting it into the application.

There are different types of keys. In this chapter we will explain the differences between these, how to get them, and what to do with them.

5.1. Types and Terminology

Evaluation Key - provided when an evaluation copy of a Premium Edition is requested from the website. These keys place a time-limit and functionality-limit on the application usage.

Serial Number - provided for the Community Edition and purchased copies of Premium Editions. The Serial Number is a unique identifier and is used to register the user with the specific copy of the application in order to receive the License Key.

License Key - provided for the Community Edition and purchased copies of Premium Editions. These keys are made available after the registration data has been received by Gentleware. Once a License Key is in place, the registration process is complete. These keys need no further attention, unless the copy is moved to another machine or is upgraded to another version.

Concurrent Licenses - licenses granted as part of a license-sharing scheme. Each license is granted for a limited period of time by a License Server. When the license is released by the user or called back by the Server, the license becomes available for use by another user. This type of licensing is available for the Professional, Enterprise, and Embedded Enterprise Editions.

5.2. Community Edition

The Community Edition comes complete with a Serial Number immediately upon download. This Serial Number must be registered online from within Poseidon or on the website in order to obtain the License Key required to start Poseidon. The registration process is painless, and all information collected by Gentleware AG during the registration process is kept completely confidential. Our privacy policy is available for your perusal on the website.

To register a copy of the Community Edition:

  1. Download and install a copy of the Community Edition.

  2. After starting Poseidon for the first time, the License Manager will appear. The Serial Number will already be provided.

  3. Click the 'Register' button. A dialog will appear. Complete the form and click 'Next'.

  4. To finish the registration process, select either the online option or the web option (ideal for users who are behind a firewall).

5.3. Evaluation Copy

Premium Editions of Poseidon (Standard, Professional, Enterprise, or Embedded) can be evaluated free-of-charge, but be aware that some functionality is limited, e.g. saving is limited to eight diagrams. The evaluation key is valid for 30 days after registration. As with any registration with Gentleware, your information is kept strictly confidential.

To register an evaluation copy of a Premium Edition:

  1. You will receive your Evaluation Key via email after filling out the evaluation request form and downloading the software from the website.

  2. Enter the Evaluation Key in the 'New Key' box of the License Manager.

  3. Click 'Add'.

5.4. Premium Version Purchase

Registering a purchased copy of a Premium Edition follows a similar process as an evaluation copy.

To register a Premium Edition:

  1. You will receive your Serial Number via email after downloading the software.

  2. Enter the Serial Number in the 'New Key' box of the License Manager.

  3. Click 'Add'.

  4. You will now need to register the Serial Number by clicking the 'Register' button and completing the registration dialogs that follow.

Note that if you try to register via the website, Poseidon searches for Netscape as the default browser. You can change the default browser from the Settings dialog in the Edit menu. Note that this setting does not currently work for Macs.

5.5. Premium Version Upgrade/Update

To move from one edition to another within a version (e.g. from SE 5.0 to PE 5.0), you will need an Upgrade key. To move from one version to another within a single edition (e.g. from PE 4.2 to PE 5.0), you will need an Update key. Both of these are added to the License Manager as usual and will have to be registered. However, the registration process varies a bit from the standard registration process. You will be asked to provide access to you old key. There are three ways to do this:

  1. Search old configuration and installation directories. Poseidon 3.x stores configuration in a new location, so the registration mechanism can search in old directories for the appropriate key.

  2. Search a specified directory. You can tell Poseidon where you have stored the old key.

  3. Paste the old key into the Registration dialog. If you have a copy of your old key in an email or have printed a copy, for example, you can type or paste it directly.

Once the old key has been successfully provided, the registration process proceeds as usual.

5.6. Keys for Plug-Ins

If you want to use additional plug-ins, you will need an additional key specific to that plug-in. Plug-ins that are free of charge or are in beta-release are delivered with a valid license key, similar to the Community Edition. For each commercial plug-in you purchase or want to evaluate, you are sent a Serial Number by email. You need to register these Serial Numbers to receive the corresponding License Key.

The Professional and Enterprise Editions come with four plug-ins. They do not need to be registered separately.