6. License Manager

Several licensing options are now available for Poseidon. Stand-alone licenses allow you to work with or without network connectivity for any length of time. These licenses are registered per machine and per user. Concurrent licenses allow a set number of people to use Poseidon at one time with users sharing licenses from a common license pool. It is possible to work offline with these licenses, but there is a time limit.

All editions can use stand-alone licensing. Concurrent licensing is available for the Professional, Enterprise, and Embedded Enterprise editions only.

For more information about installing licenses, please refer to the installation guide for your edition of Poseidon.

6.1. Key Descriptions

Each license contains information about the specific key.

  • License Key - Describes the key type. In the Enterprise Edition, you may have a Serial Number that requires registration after the first three days, or you may have a Concurrent License. Concurrent Licenses are used for both the Server and Client applications.

    • Evaluation - Valid for a limited time.

    • Serial # - Used in the intermediate state of installation and is valid for a limited time. Must be registered in order to obtain a valid key.

    • License Key - Final, non-expiring key providing full access to all features of the Edition

    • Concurrent License - Keys for the Enterprise Edtion

  • Product - Indicates to which product the key applies. You may have either EnterpriseEditionServer (indicating that this license is for the Server application) or Poseidon (indicating that this license is for one or more Client applications).

    • Poseidon - The Poseidon Client Application

    • EnterpriseEditionServer - The Poseidon Enterprise Edition Server

    • Plug-ins - Displays the name of the specific plug-in

  • Editions - Indicates the Editions for which the key is valid

    • CE - Community Edition

    • SE - Standard Edition

    • EmbEd - Embedded Edition

    • PE - Professional Edition

    • EE - Enterprise Edition

    • EmbEE - Embedded Enterprise Edition

  • Release - The key is valid for the stated release number. In the case of plug-ins, this number refers to the release number of the plug-in, not to the version of Poseidon.

  • Expiration Date - Indicates when this key expires. In most cases, a Serial Number has a 3 day limit, and an Evaluation Key has a 30 day limit. Purchased copies do not have expiration dates.

  • Valid - Indicates the status of the key. You may have a key that is valid but needs to be registered, a limited key that has expired, or a valid key.

    • Valid. Please register. - Keys that display this message will only work for a limited amount of time. Once the key has expired, it is still possible to register the key, but it is not possible to use the key to operate Poseidon.

    • Expired - The key was valid for a limited amount of time, which has now passed. In the case of an expired Serial Number for a purchased edition, it is still possible to register the key and activate Poseidon.

    • Valid - The key is valid and operational.

6.2. Buttons

  • Remove - Removes a key from the list of keys.

  • Register - Registers a Serial Number with Gentleware.

  • Evaluate - Opens the Gentleware web site in a browser so that you may select a program to download and evaluate

  • Buy - Opens the Gentleware web site ina browser so that you may select a program to purchase and download.

6.3. Add a Key

  • Paste From Clipboard - Places the contents of the clipboard into the text box above. This is used to copy the text key from an email or from the Gentleware web site.

  • Add - Adds the pasted key to the list of available keys.

6.4. Using Concurrent Licenses with the Professional, Enterprise, and Embedded Enterprise Editions

Complete information about installing and using concurrent licenses with the Professional Edition is available from the Poseidon Installation Guide.

The Professional Edition will first check to see if a stand-alone license exists. If a license exists, Poseidon will use that license and leave the concurrent licenses for other users.

If a stand-alone license is not present, Poseidon will attempt to contact the license server for a concurrent license. To see where Poseidon is looking for the license server, open the License Manager from the Help menu. The Floating License tab contains the server address and port it is using to contact the license server. If concurrent licenses are available and Poseidon is able to contact the license server, a license will be automatically assigned and you may begin to work with Poseidon.

If the license manager can be contacted but no licenses are available, Poseidon will fail to start. If Poseidon is unable to connect to the license server, the License Manager will open with the message 'No Licenses Available'. If you are not sure where your license server is installed, contact your system administrator for this information.

Working Offline

Once you have a license, it is possible to disconnect from the license server, keep the concurrent license for a limited time, and work offline. When you close Poseidon, a dialog will ask you whether you would like to return the license or not. Selecting 'Yes' will allow you to keep your license until the expiration date stated. Within the License Manager, the status will read: 'Working offline with a valid concurrent license. Expiration Date: <your expiration date>'.