Chapter 4. A Short Tour of Poseidon for UML

Table of Contents

1. Opening the Default Example
2. Introducing the Work Area
2.1. The Navigation Pane
2.1.1. Changing the Navigation View (for Poseidon 4.2 and lower)
2.1.2. Opening Multiple Navigation Panes (for Poseidon 4.2 and lower)
2.2. The Diagram Pane
2.3. The Details Pane
2.4. The Overview Pane
3. Navigation
3.1. Navigating with the Navigation Pane
3.2. Navigating in the Properties Tab
4. Modify Elements
4.1. Change Elements
4.2. Create Elements
4.3. Delete Elements

This chapter introduces all basic concepts of Poseidon for UML by guiding you through an example project. On our tour, we will touch most features and a great variety of UML elements. However, this is not intended as a UML reference guide; thus, it will not explain all of the details of the modeling process. It will gradually teach you what you can do with Poseidon for UML and how you can use it for your own purposes.