Chapter 6. Panes

Table of Contents

1. Navigation Pane
1.1. Navigation Tabs
1.2. Delete a Diagram
2. Diagram Pane
2.1. Diagram Display Modes
2.2. Diagram Pane Toolbar
2.3. Remove Tabs
2.4. Change Properties of the Diagram Pane
2.4.1. Grid Settings
2.4.2. Other Settings
3. Details Pane
3.1. Selection Bar
3.2. Properties Tab
3.3. C++ Properties
3.4. Style Tab
3.5. Source Code Tab
3.6. Documentation Tab
3.6.1. Toolbar
3.6.2. Dropdowns
3.7. Constraints Tab
3.8. Tagged Values Tab
4. Overview Pane
4.1. Birdview Tab
4.1.1. Redisplay a Section of a Diagram
4.1.2. Zoom in Birdview Only
4.1.3. Zoom in a Diagram
4.1.4. Turn Off Birdview in Settings

The panes in Poseidon for UML divide the application workspace into 4 sections, each with a specific purpose. This design eases the process of modeling by providing quick access to all parts of the project. The panes can be resized and hidden as you work with your models.

Figure 6.1. Panes in Poseidon

Panes in Poseidon