1. Navigation Pane

As a model grows, its complexity likewise increases. It becomes more and more necessary to have different organizations of the model to facilitate easy navigation. This is what the Navigation pane has been designed to do; present the elements of a model in different arrangements based on pre-determined criteria. Poseidon calls these arrangements 'views'.

Each view positions the elements within the model hierarchy differently. Views are not required to display all of the elements of a model, only those which pertain to their organization schema. The one similarity between all of the views is the root node, which is always the model itself. In the case of the default example, this would be 'StattAuto'.

The views offered by Poseidon are as follows:

1.1. Navigation Tabs

The three views are always available by selecting a tab from the Navigation Pane..

1.2. Delete a Diagram

Deleting a diagram in Poseidon removes the diagram itself completely from the model, but leaves the the elements contained within that model intact.

There are two ways to delete a diagram, through the Edit menu and through the context menu.

To delete a diagram using the Edit menu:

  1. Select a diagram in the Navigation pane.

  2. Select 'Remove Diagram' from the Edit menu. A dialog will appear to prevent unintended deletion of the diagram.

To delete a diagram through the context menu:

  1. Select the diagram in the Navigation pane.

  2. Right-click on the diagram name and select 'Remove Diagram'. The same dialog box mentioned above will appear.