Chapter 11. Using Diagrams

Table of Contents

1. Creating New Diagrams
1.1. Cloning Diagrams
2. Opening Diagrams
3. Viewing Diagrams
3.1. Details Pane
3.2. Zooming
3.3. Scrolling
3.4. Birdview Tab
4. Navigation
4.1. Navigation Pane
4.2. Details Pane
4.3. Diagram Pane
5. Editing Diagrams
5.1. Adding Elements
5.2. Editing Elements
5.3. Deleting Elements
5.4. Drag and Drop
5.5. Drag and Drop Elements within other Elements
5.6. Changing Namespaces
5.7. Visibilities
5.8. Layout Functions
5.9. Undo/Redo
5.10. Non-UML Additions
5.10.1. Select
5.10.3. Drawing Tools
5.10.4. Toggle Between Editing Modes
5.10.5. Close Shape
5.10.6. Opacity
5.10.7. Waypoints
5.10.8. Diagram-specific Tools

UML is a graphical language; therefore, from a user's perspective at least, the most important part of a UML tool is the graphical editor. This chapter introduces the general features of the diagram editor that are available for all or most of the diagram types, then takes a detailed look at the graphical editor and explains Poseidon's most important functionalities for editing diagrams.