2. Searching for Model Elements

When your models start to grow, you will want a nice mechanism to search for elements. Poseidon offers a powerful search tool that is not just based on text but on model information. It allows you to look for specific types of elements. The search tool is invoked from the Edit menu, by selecting Find... or by directly pressing the function key F3.

Type in the name of the element you are looking for (you can also use the asterisk as a wildcard), and specify the type of element you are looking for. If you are looking for a class, this type would be Class.

Figure 16.2. Searching for a class

Searching for a class

For each search, a new tab is created so that you can access older search results. You can also restrict the search space to be the result of an earlier search. Selecting one entry from the results list provokes that Related Elements are also shown. Double-click on one entry in the results list whereas effects that the element is selected in the Navigation pane.