4. Interface

Please note that these interface elements are available only after Poseidon has been started within Eclipse. See Section 2, “Start Poseidon in Eclipse” for instructions.

4.1. Poseidon Entries in the Eclipse Toolbar

Open UML Perspective
Roundtrip Disabled
Roundtrip Enabled
Synchronize Model and Code
Generate Source from Model
Import Changes from Source
Open Roundtrip Settings

4.2. UML Menu

  • Show View - Opens the chosen Poseidon pane in Eclipse. See Chapter 6, Panes for compete information about panes in Poseidon.

    • Diagrams

    • Model Details

    • Model Navigation

    • Birdview

  • Import UML Project... - Opens the dialog to open a Poseidon project in the current Eclipse project.

  • Turn Roundtrip On and Off - Toggles roundtrip engineering.

  • Start Roundtrip Code Generation - Generate source code from the UML model.

    Quick Key - Ctrl-Alt-G

  • Start Roundtrip Import - Update the UML model from the source code.

    Quick Key - Ctrl-Alt-I

  • Open Roundtrip Settings Dialog - Open the Poseidon settings dialog.

  • Poseidon Menus - Provides access to all Poseidon menu options. For a complete list of these options, see Section 2.1, “File”.

    • File

    • Edit

    • View

    • Create Diagram

    • Align

    • Generation

    • Plug-Ins

    • Help

  • Save Project - Saves the current UML project. It does not save the entire Eclipse project.

4.3. The Java Perspective

Perspectives in Eclipse are a collection of tabs and panes, each with a particular purpose in mind so that everything you need is conveniently available to you. These are highly configurable; you can drag the tabs around and open and close additional tabs as you need them.

The Java perspective is a standard perspective that has been designed for Java code development. Among other things, included are a navigator, java editor, and overview. Any of the Poseidon panes can be added to this perspective through UML | Show View | View Name. To relocate them, simply click and drag on the tab title.

4.4. The UML Perspective

The UML Perspective is the recommended way to work with Poseidon in Eclipse because it has been designed to mimic the familiar Poseidon interface. Each of the Poseidon panes is present and in the same location as in the standalone version of Poseidon. Of course, you are able to customize this perspective by moving or adding other views, perhaps adding an Eclipse navigator or removing the Poseidon birdview.

To open the UML perspective, click the 'Open UML Perspective' button from the toolbar or the perspective selector in the upper right hand corner.