Chapter 18. Epilogue

At this point we would like to express our thanks to everyone who, over the years, has contributed to ArgoUML and Poseidon. Without this active community of developers and users, Poseidon would not be what it is today.

Also, we would like to acknowledge the work of all the other open source projects we have made use of. We share with them the intention of developing high-quality software within the open source community. The Poseidon for UML Community Edition, as well as our feedback to the open source of ArgoUML (and to other OS projects) and our activities in the development of improved open standards, are a sustained expression of this support.

And let's not forget Jason Robbins, who started the quest that led us here.

Poseidon includes open source software by Antlr (Java source reverse engineering), Jakarta's log4j (logging), Jakarta's Velocity (Code Generation), Sun's Netbeans project (the UML repository MDR), TU Dresden (OCL support), Piccolo (diagram rendering), Apache's batik toolkit (SVG graphics export), and Freehep (Postscript and PDF rendering).