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Rent Subscription

The Rent Subscription is a new kind of billing for software. With it, there is a recurring fee for using the software. We offer three different payment cycles: monthly, quarterly and yearly. Don’t worry: cancellation is always possible - online and immediately so there is no risk to you.

In order to rent a license for a set time without committing to the recurring subscription charge, select the appropriate period and mark the checkbox "1 period only" in our shop.

We want to offer a very low financial barrier for using our products. You can start with only 5 EUR (6 USD) a month. If you decide on a subscription with a single recurring yearly payment, the monthly cost shrinks further to amazing 4 EUR (4.70 USD).

Rent Subscriptions are available for Apollo for Eclipse and Poseidon for UML Community Edition version 6.x:

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Single User License

A single user license is a non-transferable license to execute Poseidon for UML on a single computer for use by a single user. Multiple installations by one single user will be permitted on request by submitting detailed user information and the confirmation that those multiple installations will be only used by this named single user. The single user license is not a concurrent license that may be used by numerous developers in shifts. Duplication, sharing, multiple installations without Gentleware's permission and/or transmission are in violation with our single user terms and conditions.

Single User Licensing is available for the Standard,  Professional, and Embedded Editions:

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Concurrent User License

A concurrent user license is a non-transferable license to execute Poseidon for UML on any client attached to the server. This enables a group of users to share the use of Poseidon for UML. Those user licenses are counted in terms of concurrent users. If an entity owns a concurrent user license for three users then only up to three users can execute Poseidon for UML. Other users who attempt to execute Poseidon for UML while three copies are running will be denied.

Concurrent User Licensing is available for the Professional Edition:

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