Poseidon for UML

UML simplifies software development

The Unified Modeling Language was designed to reduce the complexity of software system design.  Language and process specific notation has been replaced with a universal visual notation that facilitates communication within all levels of development – from business analysts with limited programming knowledge all the way to senior software architects.

Skip the learning curve and ‘just model’ with Poseidon

Don’t lose the advantage of clarity and simplicity to an overly complicated tool - the Poseidon for UML software line lets you get down to work without entanglements in your development environment.  Powerful features such as round trip engineering and documentation generation have been intelligently implemented without the overhead common to so many other UML tools on the market today.

Truly ‘intuitive’

Nearly every UML tool producer claims to have an ‘intuitive interface’, but only Poseidon for UML incorporates inherently simple functionality.  See for yourself – try Poseidon for UML today.

An edition for every user   The future of Poseidon

The amateur auto mechanic would get lost in a full garage complete with car lift and sophisticated diagnostic tools, but a professional would be hard pressed without it. The same concept applies to software development tools.

Each edition of Poseidon for UML has been carefully analyzed to determine which features are important to the target user. You’ll get all of the functions you need, without the distractions or cost of those you don’t need.

Find the edition that is right for you:

A complete feature comparison matrix is also available.

New features of Poseidon for UML are under constant development. Take a look at the upcoming production schedule to see what you can look forward to in future releases.

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More about Poseidon for UML


See screenshots of our example model 'StattAuto', also included in every Poseidon for UML distribution.

Flash Viewlets

Watch Poseidon in action in the short Flash viewlets.


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