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We have had a close look at the most popular books on UML and have presented the most interesting in the following literature list. At the end of each entry you will find a summary and review written by one of our colleagues. We hope you’ll find this helpful, and that you will help us enhance the list by sending your book recommendation to us at:

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English Book Reviews

Subject: Java

The following books are listed in alphabetical order.
 NEW   Applying UML and Patterns
An Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis and Design and the Unified Process
Craig Larman - 3rd Edition - Prentice Hall PTR, 10/2004
An introduction to object-oriented analysis and design, iterative development, and the UML.
Better, Faster, Lighter Java
Bruce A. Tate, Justin Gehtland - O'Reilly Media, 06/2004
In 'Better, Faster, Lighter Java' the authors argue that the old heavyweight architectures are unwieldy, complicated, and contribute to slow and buggy application code. As an alternative means for building better applications, the authors present two "lightweight" open source architectures: Hibernate - a persistence framework that does its job with a minimal API and gets out of the way - and Spring - a container that's not invasive, heavy or complicated.
Eclipse Modeling Framework
Frank Budinsky, Ray Ellersick, et al - Addison-Wesley Professional, 8/2003
The book describes the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF), an advanced framework unifying Java, XML and UML. EMF allows developers to generate models and generate code easily. As part of the eclipse ecosystem, it integrates tightly into is eclipse environment.
J2EE Development without EJB
Rod Johnson, Juergen Hoeller - Wrox, 06/2004
A thorough discussion of the appropriate use of EJB and how to develop without it.
 NEW   UML for Java Programmers
Robert C. Martin - Prentice Hall PTR, 05/2003
Java-heavy guide that introduces only the UML concepts the author deems important for Java, written from a practical standpoint.

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