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Schaum's Outline of UML


A guided tutorial through UML 2.0
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Authors:Simon Bennett, John Skelton, Ken Lunn
Page Count:380 pages
Publication Date:12/2004
Covered UML Versions:2.0

Subjects:  UML

About the Authors

Simon Bennett is a systems architect in the Corporate Architecture and Innovations Group of Celesio AG.

John Skelton is a technical authority with Morse, the technology integration and IT services company.

Ken Lunn is a principal lecturer at Huddersfield University.


FocusApplying UML
Theoretical Foundation
PrerequisitesUML Modeling
Possibilities to searchGlossary
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  very well suited, right on the spot


Schaum's Outline to UML reminds me quite a bit of the workbooks I had as a kid - and this is a good thing.

The textbook builds upon a single case study called CarMatch (which is similar in theme to the StattAuto example included with Poseidon), which I found particularly useful. Each chapter introduces a new concept, works sample problems, and then challenges the reader with exercises. Answers are located at the back of the book - a nicety overlooked in other books.

This course is squarely aimed at beginners. A specific programming language is not used, and although UML is independent of any development process, the book uses the Unified Software Development Process. Advanced topics such as design patterns and OCL are only touched upon towards the back of the book, but this is to be expected of a book of this length.

Elizabeth Graham, Technical Editor, Gentleware AG, 09/2005

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