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Applying UML and Patterns
An Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis and Design and the Unified Process
3rd Edition


An introduction to object-oriented analysis and design, iterative development, and the UML.
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Author:Craig Larman
Page Count:736 pages
Publication Date:10/2004
Covered UML Versions:2.0
Used Programming
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Subjects:  Java, Software Development, Software Engineering, UML

About the Author

Craig Larman serves as chief scientist at Valtech, a leading technology consultancy with offices throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. He is known throughout the worldwide software community as an expert and coach in OOA/D and design patterns, agile/iterative methods, an agile approach to the Unified Process (UP), and modeling with the UML. He holds a B.S. and M.S. in computer science from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia.


FocusApplying UML
Theoretical Foundation
PrerequisitesUML Modeling
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This is a textbook aimed at advanced beginners and intermediate learners who have a grasp of object orientation and a bit of experience in an object-oriented language. Examples are presented in Java, but are easily understandable to anyone with general OO knowledge. Basic concepts are not explained, so basic knowledge is certainly a prerequisite.

As a textbook, it is not intended as a straight reference book, nor is it terribly useful when used that way. Topics build upon each other and a single example is used throughout, so jumping into the middle can be frustrating at times. (In all fairness, it was not meant to be read this way.)

The book is a decent length, and even with that it cannot delve into great detail. Use this book as an introductory overview, then look for additional books that cover your interests in greater depth. Some topics covered: FURPS+ requirements, GRASP design patterns, GoF design patterns, architectural patterns, and many other OOA/D principles

Elizabeth Graham, Technical Editor, Gentleware AG, 07/2006

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