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UML Components


This book describes a process for specifying component based software with UML.
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Authors:John Cheesman, John Daniels
Page Count:208 pages
Publication Date:10/2000
Covered UML Versions:1.4

Subjects:  UML

About the Authors

Jon Cheesman is Director of Enterprise Application Development for ComponentSource. He has extensive experience applying component based development processes, tools, and standards within large corporations. John specializes in modeling, specification, and repositories, and was a key contributor to the development of UML. He is a regular speaker at international confereneces on component based development.

John Daniels is an independent consultant and trainer. A pioneer of object-oriented concepts and practices, John has applied object and component technology to a wide range of fields during the past fifteen years, from factory automation to banking. He codeveloped the Syntropy method, from which the UML OCL is directcly descended. John is a frequent speaker at international conferences on object technology, components, and debelopment processes.


FocusApplying UML
Theoretical Foundation
PrerequisitesUML Modeling
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This book is describes a process for specifying component-based software with UML. Starting with requirements definition, the authors show how UML can be used to describe the external characteristics of components. Throughout the book a case study of a hotel reservation is used, so the reader can easily follow the process proposed by the authors.
UML is for most users a way to depict a component architecture graphically, but the authors don't stop here: instead they show how the semantic of components can be described with OCL.
Altough this book has not a lot of pages, it does really cover a lot of interesting topics. It's really easy to read and highly recommended for everyone interested in UML and component-based software.

Matthias Köster, Chief Technical Officer, Gentleware AG, 05/2005

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