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Visual Modeling with Rational Rose 2002 and UML


Hand-holding tutorial book for a narrow spectrum of users.
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Author:Terry Quatrani
Page Count:288 pages
Publication Date:10/2002
Covered UML Versions:1.x
Used Programming
C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic

Subjects:  UML

About the Author

Terry Quatrani is the Rose Evangelist for Rational Software Corporation, where she is responsible for preaching the visual modeling gospel according to Grady, Jim, and Ivar. During her 17 years of experience in the development and deployment of large software systems, she also worked for General Electric, where she was one of the founding consultants of the Lockheed Martin Advanced Concepts Center.


FocusApplying UML
Theoretical Foundation
PrerequisitesUML Modeling
Possibilities to searchGlossary
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This is the book for Rose 2002 users who have no previous experience with UML and want to learn UML 1.x, who want to learn the Rational Unified Process, and who want to work with C++, Visual C++, and Visual Basic.

Ms. Quatrani illustrates step-by-minute-step how to follow along in Rose to create the described model. Considering the reported complexity of Rose for beginners, this may be a welcome approach to learning UML, Rose, and RUP simultaneously. For those looking to learn UML without using Rose, the enumerated steps to creating diagrams and diagram elements is distracting, to say the least.

Elizabeth Graham, Technical Editor, Gentleware AG, 09/2005

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