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Learning UML 2.0
A Pragmatic Introduction to UML
1st Edition


A gentle and practical introduction to UML.
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Authors:Russell Miles, Kim Hamilton
Page Count:269 pages
Publication Date:06/2006
Covered UML Versions:2.0
Used Programming
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Subjects:  Software Development, Software Engineering, UML

About the Authors

Russell Miles works as a technical consultant and architect for Volantis Systems. To ensure he has as little spare time as possible Russ contributes to various open source communities, including and, while working on books for O'Reilly.

Kim Hamilton is a senior software engineer at Northrop Grumman, where she's designed and implemented a variety of systems including web applications and distributed systems, with frequent detours into algorithms development.


FocusApplying UML
Theoretical Foundation
PrerequisitesUML Modeling
Possibilities to searchGlossary
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More reference than text, this book is a gentle introduction into the world of UML for those with fundamental knowledge of Java and object-orientation. The examples included are not very complex, but some previous exposure to OO is necessary.

On the textbook side of things, the authors have helpfully chosen to explain not only how UML works, but why you should care and how certain principles might best be used. In this regard, it does live up to its subtitle, "A Pragmatic Introduction to UML".

Elizabeth Graham, Technical Editor, Gentleware AG, 07/2006

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