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SAMS Teach Yourself UML in 24 Hours


A step-by-step guide to the world of UML. Chapter-wise progression of knowledge proceeded by summaries, a small FAQ, and a few exercises.
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Author:Josef Schmuller
Page Count:448 pages
Publication Date:06/1999
Covered UML Versions:1.x

Subjects:  UML

About the Author

Nowadays Joseph Schmuller works as an analyst. He was a Vice President and Technical Systems Engineer at the Bank of America and Editor in Chief of PC AI Magazine. He is co-founder of Component Space, Inc. and an Adjunct Professor at the University of North Florida.


FocusApplying UML
Theoretical Foundation
PrerequisitesUML Modeling
Possibilities to searchGlossary
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This book is geared for the UML beginner. A gradual approach and reiteration of main ideas at the end of each chapter together with an overview of notation learned so far makes it simpler to learn UML.

All current diagram types are introduced through case study examples. At the end of the book there is a small reference section that provides yet another overview of all diagram types and their elements. A rich index furthermore helps refresh knowledge later on.

All in all, a successful work for UML beginners. Be aware that the notation deviates from the recommendations of the OMG UML 1.4 specification. The depths of UML are only covered superficially, and is therefore not suitable for developers using UML daily. In the German edition, translations of English technical terms have not been provided.

Mark Michaelis, Software Architect, Gentleware AG, 10/2004

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