Our Mission Statement: Model to Business

Expertise in Modeling... We, the Gentleware team, provide expertise in modeling to our customers. We have delivered tools and services to thousands of companies and millions of users since our founding in autumn 2000.

Models create business value. We know from experience that modeling can greatly improve productivity, quality, communication, and understanding in the software development or system engineering process and see it as key to our customers’ competitiveness.

Tools and Services. Our mission is to deliver business value through modeling by building state-of-the-art tools and by providing excellent services.

Standard and Custom Tools. We develop standard tools for large communities and build custom tools for specific needs. We synthesize leading-edge open source with custom-built code to create value.

Services to Empower You. The value chain of modeling encompasses mastering modeling techniques, creating concise models, and transforming models into business value. Our services empower our customers to reap the maximum benefits along the entire chain.

Our Domains of Expertise

Models for Software. We focus on modeling in the context of software development and apply modeling languages like UML. Our product line Poseidon for UML is specifically built for analysis and design in software development. The product line Apollo for Eclipse addresses the modeling needs of programmers and developers.

Models for Systems. We expect productivity improvements similar to those in the software arena to culminate in the area of system engineering in the near future. We are active contributors to new evolving languages in this area, like SysML.

Models for Business. Modeling Business processes helps you to understand, document, communicate or improve the people-driven part of your enterprise, and can even help automate it. We help you put this into practice in your company.

Models for Domains. Finding a good mechanism to express your specific problem domain can be half of the solution. We can develop meta-models, modeling languages, notations, and processes for your specific domain, company, or even project.

Models for More. Models can be applied to a wide range of things, for example social networks, ontologies, or complex structures. We can provide solutions to visualize nearly anything that can be seen as graph of nodes and edges.

Our Proposition to Your Value Chain

Mind to Model (-). We grasp complexity by finding good abstractions. That is the essence of quality modeling. It turns individual understanding into shared knowledge. We provide tools and training to map divergent thoughts to common models.

Model to Mind. Communication is essential to any successful organization, and models are an optimal vehicle. They facilitate the exchange of ideas among disparate colleagues by introducing a common language, help stakeholders visualize solutions, and safeguard concepts to be used in later maintenance. You can profit from our experience and expertise.

Code to Model. Analyzing existing code or artefacts and mapping them to models can reveal structures that are hard to discover otherwise. We are accomplished in reverse engineering and visualization.

Model to Model. Transformations from one model to another enable you to obtain unique perspectives, bridge levels of abstraction, or manipulate data representations. It is a compelling instrument that can achieve metamorphic results. We can increase your acuity.

Model to Code. Generating Code from higher levels of abstraction can provide an enormous productivity boost to your value chain.  Whether for a single package or an entire model, code generation shortens development time and reduces errors in code.  With our assistance you can bring these advantages to your projects.

Model to Word. Documentation makes existing knowledge accessible, even over time. Models can be your central point to gather information; for that, your documentation can be generated automatically. Our experience with documentation generation can help you create superior documents in far less time.

Model to Business. Models are a unique fabric woven from information. Choosing the right materials, tools and artisanship results in quality models. We can help you craft your models to produce valuable products, so that your models create business value.

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