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Poseidon for DSLs 2.0 Release Candidate is there!

Poseidon for DSLs just made a step forward. With version 2.0 you can now create a graphical editor for an arbitrary EMF model and configure it in a convenient and flexible way.

Download the software and follow this updated tutorial to check it out yourself!

Poseidon for DSLs 1.0 is released

Gentleware proudly presents this new milestone for model driven software development (MDSD). Poseidon for DSLs allows to create domain specific modeling languages (DSLs) within hours. The potential of model-driven software development for increasing productivity can be revealed if the model can well define the characteristics of a domain. For that, the best suited vehicle is a language designed for that domain.

Professional tool for your DSL

Poseidon for DSLs now makes that possible. From a set of simple models it allows to create tools similar to the popular Poseidon for UML, but for your modeling language. The same well thought out user interface and modeling mechanisms now are available to any graphical modeling notation by applying the mechanisms of MDSD to the technologies Gentleware has developed over the past 10 years.

Follow up

Take a tour and follow this tutorial. You will be surprised by how quickly you can create your own modeling tool. This will speed up your MDSD project dramatically. Give it a try - the entire development tools are freely available.

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