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The Gentleware FAQ is a comprehensive list of questions regarding Poseidon for UML. At this time, third-party plug-ins and products are not covered in this FAQ but we plan to add them in the future. Further information is available from the Poseidon documentation or you can post to our forum.


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FAQ Section: Troubleshooting
  1. How can I enable the output of debugging information?

    When using the installer version, add the following line to your Poseidon for UML.lax file (it's located in your Poseidon installation directory):

    If you use the start script (startPoseidob.bat or please use:

    startPoseidon.bat[.sh] empty.zargo DEBUG

    If you use Poseidon 1.6, you have to change the following text in your start script before starting poseidon:



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