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The Gentleware FAQ is a comprehensive list of questions regarding Poseidon for UML. At this time, third-party plug-ins and products are not covered in this FAQ but we plan to add them in the future. Further information is available from the Poseidon documentation or you can post to our forum.


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FAQ Section: Printing
  1. "No print service found" while printing

    This points to a problem your Java Runtime Environment has with your system configuration. The search term

      "No print service found" cups
    (be sure to include the double-quotes) within Google will list messages of other users with the same problem and their solutions. The (Usenet-)Groups reveal a number of results.

    A Poseidon user found the following link very helpful:
    His issue was with links in /usr/sbin still pointing to lprng instead of lpc-cups. As second step, he added /usr/sbin to the path.

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