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The Gentleware FAQ is a comprehensive list of questions regarding Poseidon for UML. At this time, third-party plug-ins and products are not covered in this FAQ but we plan to add them in the future. Further information is available from the Poseidon documentation or you can post to our forum.


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FAQ Section: Licensing
  1. My Community Edition license has expired. Now what do I do?
  2. My Serial Number has expired. Now what do I do?
  3. What is a serial number / evaluation key / license key?
  4. My Serial Number/License Key says "Invalid Edition".
  5. I've deleted the email with my Serial Number. Where can I get a new one?
  6. The License Key is host- and user-dependent. How can I use Poseidon in a pool environment?
  7. How can I register without Internet?
  8. I got the message 'Invalid Key' when I pasted the key from the registration dialog and clicked 'add'.
  9. My Premium Edition is no longer working. It was working last week.
  10. I never received an email containing my License Key.
  11. I can't register my Student Edition to get my License Key.
  12. I get the error message, 'Browser does not open.'
  13. How do I move to another version or edition of Poseidon?
  14. For how long can a user check out a concurrent license?
  15. Where do I register my Concurrent Licenses?
  16. Why won't the Concurrent License Server start?
  17. The Enterprise Edition evaluation key is expired or for the wrong edition.
  18. I'm having problems connecting to the Enterprise Server.
  19. How can I use a proxy server to connect to

    In order to connect to through a proxy server, you must edit the manageConcurrentLicenses.{bat|sh} script located in the bin directory of your installation.

    UNIX solution
    Replace the following line:

    $JAVACMD$PROJECTROOT/bin/$FLOATING_PROPERTIES -jar $PROJECTROOT/lib/floating-server.jar manage-floating-licenses $@


    $JAVACMD -Dhttp.proxyHost= -Dhttp.proxyPort=$PROJECTROOT/bin/$FLOATING_PROPERTIES -jar $PROJECTROOT/lib/floating-server.jar manage-floating-licenses $@

    WIN solution
    Replace the following line:

    %JAVACMD%"%POSEIDON_HOME%\bin\%FLOATING_PROPERTIES%" -jar "%POSEIDON_HOME%\lib\floating-server.jar" manage-floating-licenses %


    %JAVACMD% -Dhttp.proxyHost= -Dhttp.proxyPort="%POSEIDON_HOME%\bin\%FLOATING_PROPERTIES%" -jar "%POSEIDON_HOME%"\lib\floating-server.jar manage-floating-licenses %1

    Replace with the host name or ip of your proxy server and with the port number.

  20. My has XML-Format, how do I add preferences now?
  21. Why can't I reach the license server when trying to register my serial number?

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